Guiding Passenger Flows with Subliminal Wayfinding

Working closely with a leading UK airport and Bright Green Technology, we’ve been gaining a deeper understanding of Subliminal Wayfinding. With ever-changing facilities and the need to cope with a whole multitude of operational issues at airports, we at ADXBA have come up with the concept of Subliminal Wayfinding.

Dynamic wayfinding 

No longer do people need to be sign-blinded by the plethora of fixed signs and instructions at an airport – when instead, passengers can be influenced by the flow of lights. 

Fixed subliminal wayfinding is not new, with herringbone designs on the floor subconsciously moving people in a desired direction. However, fixed wayfinding cannot be dynamic, dealing with the ever-changing situations and operations within the airport environment.

Increased operational efficiency 

The ADXBA solution allows the integration of LED lights to be incorporated into sensors, an AODB (Airport Operational Database) or simply controlled by a tablet device to gently move the direction of light – which ultimately guides passengers through the space with complete efficiency.

Imagine floating on a river gently being pulled along, but with the river direction being controlled. With the manipulation of light, human nature is to follow – a little bit like a moth to a flame.

If you wish to know more about Subliminal Wayfinding, please contact us at, where one of our team will be happy to get back to you.

Gatwick Airport Greets Passengers with Latest Digital Install from ADXBA

We’re extremely excited to showcase the UK’s very first outdoor Samsung LED installation! The digital signage project, managed completely by the ADXBA team uses Samsung’s very visible 6mm LED screens to greet each of the 9 million passengers that pass-through Gatwick Airport annually.

As passengers exit the shuttle and make their way towards the North Terminal, the unmissable displays help to deliver branded welcome messages as well as directional information to improve the services and passenger experience at Gatwick.

The North Terminal now houses all of the airport’s easyJet flights and so the displays are being used to deliver the airliner’s high-impact branding, whilst also guiding the flow of traffic into the correct zones of the airport terminal.

ADXBA presents technology of the future at NEC Showcase 2017

Last week, NEC hosted their annual Showcase event at the Victoria House in London and ADXBA were delighted to be amongst 34 other solution providers, each presenting technologies of the future!

The showcase, which is a collaboration between NEC and their solutions partners, is a must-attend event for anyone looking to gain an insight into the latest display technologies available. With all solutions being presented as they would in real-life environments, the showcase is also the perfect place to gain some inspiration for any upcoming AV installations.

As the chosen digital signage provider for many of the UK’s leading airports, we could be found in the Transport Zone presenting our latest display solutions for enriching the passenger experience. These included our live flight information displays, directional signage, as well as our impressive Twitter enabled content, helping to keep display content fresh, engaging and interactive.

Just in case you missed our first-hand solution demonstrations, here’s a preview of our showcase!

NEC Showcase 2017 ADXBA

nec showcase 2017

nec showcase 2017

ADXBA Delivers Real-Time Content to Dublin Airport Carpark & Bus Shelters

Earlier this year, we launched a fantastic project at Dublin Airport to assist with delivering helpful information to passengers at both bus shelters and the airport’s passenger carpark. In total, we positioned 22 high-bright screens at each of the airport’s bus shelters and installed a further 5 LED displays in various locations within its passenger car park.

With the overall objective being to simplify the passenger experience before even entering the terminal, the solution was designed by ADXBA to deliver useful information to passengers at all necessary transport points.

We were therefore able to create bespoke control software that would enable the screens to show a range of useful information, including zones with available parking spaces, the time of the next bus arrival, live departure information, current security queue times and finally advertising content. We were also able to develop the software even further to allow the content to be controlled by airport staff via a simple mobile app – for added convenience!

ADXBA Brings More Digital Signage to Intu Trafford Centre

Have you paid a visit to the intu Trafford Centre recently? No doubt you would have seen one of our recent digital signage projects in its full glory! That’s because towards the end of last year, ADXBA officially rolled-out a live network of 13 large-format displays throughout the renowned complex, providing a powerful advertising medium for the centre, its many retailers and local community.

As one of the UK’s most iconic shopping and leisure destinations, the intu Trafford Centre is becoming widely known for its clear success in ramping up the consumer experience – which is precisely why they, alongside our client Perfect Fit Media, were looking to integrate clever, unmissable technology that would help to connect with consumers whilst also helping to drive additional revenues.

ADXBA Digital signage intu Trafford Centre

As experts in retail & OOH digital signage, we knew the project was not only going to contribute towards their existing efforts in remaining the ultimate shopping destination, it was also going to provide a more effective and prominent means of advertising for each of the brands operating from the centre and also locally.

Generating an astounding annual footfall of approximately 31 million, a solution capable of attracting the attention of every consumer as they approach and enter the centre was our ultimate goal – and given the scale of the environment, large format displays were the perfect choice.

ADXBA therefore worked alongside Perfect Fit Media to deploy a total of 13 elegant, high-impact LED screens, both indoor and outdoor. The high-quality LEDs supplied by technology partner Daktronics included five bulkhead screens measuring 6m x 1.6m, five large portrait screens measuring 4m x 2m and finally three large format outdoor screens, two measuring 7.3m x 5m and the other 6m x 3m.

While displays of this type predominantly have a pixel pitch of 10mm, this installation breaks the boundaries in being the very first 8mm pixel pitch to exist in the England and one of very few to exist throughout the UK.



ADXBA Celebrates Ninth Birthday

We’re excited to announce that ADXBA has officially been delivering innovative digital signage solutions to the airport and out-of-home industries for 9 years this week! In celebration of our ninth birthday, here are just some of our many achievements so far. Happy birthday, ADXBA!

ADXBA Brings Dynamic Advertising Solution to intu Trafford Centre

As specialists in the digital-out-of-home arena, we recently had the pleasure of working alongside Perfect Fit Media to deliver a new and exciting advertising solution at the renowned intu Trafford Centre.

Intu Trafford Centre - Portrait Digital - FJ0605A-G05775

The project includes two large HD LED screens, both of which needed procuring, designing, installing and commissioning within a strict six-week period. Both screens were intentionally positioned beside the main entrance to Selfridges, providing the perfect advertising opportunity for brands and retailers operating within the shopping centre.
Intu Trafford Centre - Portrait Digital - FJ0605A-G05782

The 2.9mm pitch lightweight displays are the first of their kind to be installed within any UK shopping centre. Supplied by LED provider INFiLED, both screens measure an unmissable 4.2m x 2.8m.