What do retailers need to consider before installing a video wall?

Digital retail signage is more integral than ever to the retail journey, and for customers, visually engaging in-store signage can be what separates a good shopping experience from a great one. Video walls are a powerful and engaging way of utilising big displays with maximum impact. But what do you need to consider before sitting down with your AV integrator?

Whether you’re a franchisee that needs to follow corporate standards, or a small independent shop looking to catch the eye of more customers, when it comes to installing a video wall, the principles are largely the same. You’ll need input from stakeholders across your organisation to ensure the scoping is done properly.

If you’re in the early stages of considering a video wall for your quick service restaurant or retail store, then there are a few key questions to ask. From design, delivery, and through to the support stage, these scoping questions can help make your LED installation journey pain free.

What is the purpose of the screen and how will you measure success?

The first thing you need to consider are your reasons for choosing a video wall. Is it to improve brand awareness, to better the customer experience, or to increase revenue? The answers to these questions can influence decisions down the line. For example, if your goal is to increase foot traffic, then positioning the screen at the front and centre of the store is key. However, if you’re displaying targeted customer/product messaging, then the video wall might be better placed strategically inside the store. Outlining your goals and what success looks like will help you better understand what type of video wall you’re really after.