Guiding Passenger Flows with Subliminal Wayfinding

Working closely with a leading UK airport and Bright Green Technology, we’ve been gaining a deeper understanding of Subliminal Wayfinding. With ever-changing facilities and the need to cope with a whole multitude of operational issues at airports, we at ADXBA have come up with the concept of Subliminal Wayfinding.

Dynamic wayfinding 

No longer do people need to be sign-blinded by the plethora of fixed signs and instructions at an airport – when instead, passengers can be influenced by the flow of lights. 

Fixed subliminal wayfinding is not new, with herringbone designs on the floor subconsciously moving people in a desired direction. However, fixed wayfinding cannot be dynamic, dealing with the ever-changing situations and operations within the airport environment.

Increased operational efficiency 

The ADXBA solution allows the integration of LED lights to be incorporated into sensors, an AODB (Airport Operational Database) or simply controlled by a tablet device to gently move the direction of light – which ultimately guides passengers through the space with complete efficiency.

Imagine floating on a river gently being pulled along, but with the river direction being controlled. With the manipulation of light, human nature is to follow – a little bit like a moth to a flame.

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