Digital Communication Specialists
  • Digital Signage Networks

    ADXBA install, manage and maintain digital signage networks across airport, retail and other high risk environments.
  • Full consultancy and design service

    ADXBA's consultancy and design team can help network owners choose the right solution
  • Installation

    With access to most UK airports, stringent health and safety standards and commitment to ISO9001, ADXBA's installation team ensure the delivery of projects to tight deadlines with the highest of quality standards.
  • Custom Systems

    ADXBA can provide custom solutions to fit in with existing environments.
  • Flight Information Solutions

    ADXBA are experts in the delivery of flight information solutions that increase an airport's passenger index.
ADXBA: integrated services; first-rate solutions

At ADXBA, we understand the power of connection.

As an industry leader in digital communications, we deliver end-to-end digital signage solutions to a growing list of clients in the airport and Out of Home (OOH) industries.

Our integrated services connect to form a complete solution, bringing consumer experience to the heart of some of the biggest airports in the world. We offer:

  • Digital communications consultancy
  • Digital signage design and installation
  • Digital network maintenance
  • Creative solutions
  • Network and content management

Our services are tailored to suit your needs, coming together seamlessly to provide you with a digital signage solution that will engage consumers and fulfil your needs.
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